#AWM 2: One step at a time pt. 1



Welcome to the second post in the #AdultWithMe Series. Honestly, today was not a great way to start of the week for me but hey, we keep pushing, right?

Today, I am talking about this same life situation and how it can get overwhelming really fast.My constant attempts at figuring life out has led to me reading a lot of self-help books and investing in almost anything that promises clarity, even if it’s just a teeny-weeny bit. Unfortunately, too many times, I am almost as disillusioned at the end of the book as when I started reading it. With so many years of struggling to stay afloat and swim through life’s many big waves, I decided I was going to take a year off from my regular life schedule. Instead, I will spend that year on personal development, taking critical looks at different areas of my life and being completely honest with myself in order to make suitable changes.

Long lasting changes.

Now, I realise not everyone has the luxury of simply taking a year of their day-to-day lives. I mean, I am still working in a University and running a business, it is just not at the usual pace I am familiar with. It can simply be you taking a breather and rearranging your life in a way that yields better results for you as an individual. I have decided to share simple life hacks that can begin to transform your life from the inside out. Many of us spend a lot of time being very busy and doing a lot of tasks. But when we look back to evaluate ourselves, we discover we were not as “productive” as we thought. Doing a lot of things or crossing off daily to-dos do not necessarily translate into being productive. Evaluating yourself is a habit I have picked up very fast. I am my own best and worst critic. I simply have to learn to differentiate between when it is positive and when it is toxic.The year I have chosen for my long-term evaluation and personal development is 2017. Towards the end of 2016, I took a long hard look at my habits and lifestyle and realized that I was a very busy person.

Very busy.

But in the those years of being really busy, I had not achieved as much as I had expected or hit the milestones or goals I had set for myself. If you know my story, you might be tempted to shake your head and say “ingrate aye”, and I will absolutely understand that. You see, I do not take for granted or try to water down my privileges.

No, not at all.

I am very grateful for all the chances and opportunities God has sent my way. But you see, it is dangerously easy to get caught up in a “local champion” lifestyle and begin to live on past glory such that you no longer push yourself as much as you did when no one knew your name. That very issue is what caused me to evaluate myself and my many life endeavours. I came up with a long list of habits and lifestyle choices that if not dealt with quickly, might be root causes of bigger problems in the near future. So, I have decided this is the year to deal with that, to cultivate new habits, to establish healthier aspirations and life goals, to decide to live better, no for myself at all, but for others around me.

In what areas do you feel like life just keeps kicking your butt? Drop a comment, let’s share our experiences. I look forward to reading them.

To be continued next week. Do have a beautiful week ahead.



P.S: Classic example of still trying to get a hold of responsible adulting: I’ve got deadlines but I am off to make myself tea, grab some cookies and watch a movie till I sleep off. 😀

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