#AWM3: One Step At a Time pt. 2

Last week, in retrospect, was hilarious.

I lost my sketchbook. 2 years’ worth of designs. I am still trying to reconcile my brain with the implications.

Tuesday morning, I accepted a ride to work. I got hit on. I respectfully refused the Professor’s offer. I got thrown out of his car. I ended up walking to work. 

That evening, an elderly man said to me “Sweet baby, can I meet you”. Tired and hungry, I keep on walking, for the journey home was 25 minutes long. He proceeded to follow me. I crossed the road back and forth to be sure and he promptly did so too. Freaked out in the darkness, I ran for cover under a shop and watched him look around and give up. I resumed my journey home, vowing never to stay out past 5 pm.

Mid-morning Friday, I enjoyed a movie alone in Ibadan and called my godmother. Her office was not too far away, so I went to visit.  Car stopped beside me.  “Hi. I was just telling my friend here that I do not normally do this but I saw your backside from the highway and I knew I had to see the face to which the backside belonged”. After such a frustratingly sad week, I didn’t know whether to scream or cry. I promise my life isn’t always this dramatic but

last week, in retrospect, was hilarious.



Hello March. This year isn’t waiting for anyone at all! In case you missed last week’s post, I have been sharing about productivity as a key aspect or responsible adulting. Let’s go straight to the things I am trying out to help me increase my productivity and stay focused on my goals. I realize that I need to gradually add new habits and see them through till they stick. As a result, I will be updating as I add on new activities.

  1. A Morning Routine: I may have to do a whole post on the importance and need for a morning routine right now. It has been proven over and over that the morning is the best period for being very active. Why waste all that brain power in one sorry excuse: “I am not a morning person”. Majority of us aren’t. However, if you are serious about achieving the best in life, then it is important to start WAKING UP EARLY.

Yeah. I said it.

How early is early? Well, the trick I used in February was to take my usual waking time and set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than it. For example, if I used to wake up at  7 am, I set my alarm for 6:30 am. I use this for a couple of days and then set the alarm  and then another 30 minutes earlier. I repeated this and now, I wake up 2 minutes before my 5:30am alarm.

My morning routine is very simple:

5:30 am – Wake up / 5:31 am – Drink water / 5:35 am – Exercise / 6:00 am – Shower / 6:30 am – Study the Word/Prayers / 7:00 am – Breakfast / 7:10 am – Read a book / 7:25 am – Write my top three to-do’s / 7:30 am – Out the door.

With this routine, I can ensure that I am out the door and off to work at a certain time, instead of my regular scatterbrained efforts at being early but I end up being late and then realizing I forgot key things I need for the day.

  1. Focus on ONE task at a time: I am very guilty of this. In the name of multi-tasking, I attempt to do various things all at once, and then I end up not finishing anything. I have decided that for one hour every day, I will dedicate myself to uninterrupted focused work with my phone/tablet off or on silent, ears plugged. I will simply go at each task set apart for the day and until I am done, I do not come up for air.

There are a few more I will like to share but only if you come back next week! 😉 Meanwhile, what are the things you do to stay productive? Share with me, I want to hear from you.



Illustration and Edit: Folu Ajayi Illustrations


4 thoughts on “#AWM3: One Step At a Time pt. 2

  1. D first part was hilarious 😂 like really hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ur morning routine sounds really nice i wish i cud fix sumfin for myself but ryt nao my lyf has a pattern it has to go for a few months 😦 so m just stck with waking by 4:30, prepare to leave d house nd 5am m out, can’t wait for dis to be over. U lost ur sketch book? Sorry dear, d hilarious part of d story made me forget dat for lyk a minute der, you’d find it don’t worry just pray about it. Love you always 😘

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