#AWM4: One Step At A Time pt. 3



How have you all been?

This is the final part of “One Step at a Time” in my #AWM series. I will be sharing the a couple more hacks that will help increase your productivity as a young adult. Let’s jump right in:

  1. Stop being late: Generally, for all your commitments, big or small, being late is a complete No-No. It has become the fad to find majority of our generation showing up late to everything: late to work, late to class, late to meetings, late to dates, late in meeting deadlines. I will be honest, I have been very guilty of all the above. I did an evaluation of my productivity in many areas and realized one of the major factor affecting me is the habit of tardiness.

I have too many examples of briefs I have lost as a creative due to my lateness. Since I started working at the Law Reports office where I work, I have discovered on days I am late, I find myself scrambling for the rest of the day. Instead of approaching most of my tasks with a clear mind and a level head, I am running against time to try to catch up with all the things I have to do that day.

  1. Eating a proper breakfast: I have heard young adults say this over and over in different variations. “I simply do not have time for breakfast” or “It makes me slow” or “I still feel bloated from dinner” or “I cannot function with breakfast”. While I do not question the validity of these statements, I have responses to each and every one of them. It has been proven that a proper, healthy breakfast is the perfect way to jump start your day.

Creating a morning routine can help your time management and leave room for the breakfast you never thought you would have. (I want you to calculate in a week, a month, finally a year how much you have spent on having breakfast later in the morning outside your home. You would be shocked to realise the amount of money you could have easily saved all because you didn’t plan your time properly.)

If your complaint is you cannot function or it makes you slow, then you need to watch your breakfast choices. When you eat sugary foods, your body experiences a sugar spike which does not last very long and leaves you very tired once it wears out. I am not an expert but proper research will yield great options of great, healthy breakfast choices that help you feel and stay energized all through your morning.

Finally, as for the bloating, you probably need to watch what you eat every night and the time you eat dinner. Also consider the option of including teas and/or smoothies into your diet to aid easy digestion and quicken your metabolism. I can testify to infused lemon water at 5:30am in the morning and how it cleanses your system. The best part is you can feel it working wonders!

These hacks, if gradually learned, are life changing and help you build a responsible and healthy lifestyle as a young adult. Have a wonderful week, beautiful people.



Illustration by Folu Ajayi Illustrations


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