Hello everyone! It is a week to tests and assessments of my 1st term here at LISOF. I will be brief so I can get back to studying. I received a lot of questions about the fashion school I attend. So, here are my answers:

What does LISOF stand for? Leaders in Science of Fashion.

Where is LISOF? It is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What other fashion schools can you recommend? I can not recommend any other fashion school because I know nothing about them. However, make Google your bestie when you start your research for fashion schools. The following are a few options I know exist: FEDISA, Cape Town, SA; Spero Villioti, Johannesburg, South Africa; ESMOD, Paris, France; London College of Fashion, London, UK; Parsons, The New School, New York, US; Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, US; Istituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy.

Are fashion schools cheap? *laughs in every currency on earth* Sisteh, cheap is relative. What is cheap for you can be expensive for me. You un’stand? Out of all the examples I gave above, Spero Villioti and LISOF are the cheapest options and those are still, *ahem*. If you really want to know how much it costs, visit LISOF and request a quote for whichever program you want.

Are there other programs asides Fashion?  Absolutely yes. There are full time and short courses in fashion photography, fashion media, make up, fashion styling and commerce.

How long is your program and which one is it? I am studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion. It is a three years full time program. There is the one year Higher Certificate/Diploma option and there are short courses that are about 3-4 months long. So, the choice is really up to you.

3 years, why that program? Very, very personal reasons. So please see the above response for options available to YOU.

How about visa and accomodation? Visit VFS Global Nigeria for all the information you need about a study visa for South Africa. Accomodation? Google is your best friend once again but maybe Property24 may give you options for students. Note, keyword: MAYBE.

Does LISOF have online classes? No, they do not. All academic activities are in person.

So, here are questions I am tired of answering over and over, lol. I hope these are helpful. If you still have questions that are reasonably within my power to answer, please feel free to send me a DM on my Instagram.





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