Folu Ajayi

I grew up in Ibadan, Nigeria, (Africa’s third largest city). In 2010, I got into the University at 15 to study law, one of the typical African professional dreams. Fast forward to 2017, I am a qualified barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Quite a mouthful, I know. I only got called November 2016 and I’m still trying to reconcile with that reality.

In my second year of law, I was so bored and depressed, I turned my hobby into a business (House of Dabira) and I have had a blast making clothes for five years.

I am a deeply-in-love lover of Jesus, a fashion and lifestyle illustrator, a dream wedding gown couturier, a loyal best friend and a loving girlfriend. I finally live alone! Africans will understand the struggle.

I dream of being a fashion blogger (but I am still working through my personal style), a  stationery and art curator (I absolutely love both), an interior designer, a jeweler, a perfumer, a wife and mother (slowly but surely), a gardener (although, I have no clue how to begin). There’s a ton of other stuff but you have to join me in this journey to see what they are.


We all know that phase, that one where you feel like your teenage years were only yesterday, yet the adult responsibilities on your shoulders are insane. No one prepared you for any of it. That’s this blog in a nutshell.  Join me. my afro and my bottle-bottoms as we figure this thing called life out.