How I Measure Progress

  Hello everyone! Today, I am sharing my thoughts on how I measure progress. Within the four walls of an institution, it is very easy to measure progress because your life has structure and rhythm. You know that in that phase, progress meant acing tests & assessments and moving on to the next level. Although, in … Continue reading How I Measure Progress



    Hello everyone! It is a week to tests and assessments of my 1st term here at LISOF. I will be brief so I can get back to studying. I received a lot of questions about the fashion school I attend. So, here are my answers: What does LISOF stand for? Leaders in Science of … Continue reading LISOF: FAQs

Steps to a busy yet productive 2018

Some goals or dreams come to pass so quick, your head spins. Others take years, if you never give up. It is an amazing feeling when a dream finally comes true. I recall first dreaming about getting a fashion education when I was 14. It did not take too long for me to "wake up" … Continue reading Steps to a busy yet productive 2018

Doing It Afraid. Scratch that. Be intentional.

  It is the 6th day of the year. Well, technically, it is now the 7th for me. In my world, it seems like the world is crawling. Do not get me wrong, I have done A LOT in this few days but things are not exactly going my way. Don't we all enjoy life … Continue reading Doing It Afraid. Scratch that. Be intentional.

Life Update/Sharing My Endo Story

Hiii! It has been such long time. I know, I know. I honestly just needed a break from social media. Life was getting very overwhelming and I have got this habit of completely shutting down when I can not take it anymore. In order to prevent that, I figured it was best to take a … Continue reading Life Update/Sharing My Endo Story

#AWM4: One Step At A Time pt. 3

Hiii!   How have you all been? This is the final part of "One Step at a Time" in my #AWM series. I will be sharing the a couple more hacks that will help increase your productivity as a young adult. Let's jump right in: Stop being late: Generally, for all your commitments, big or … Continue reading #AWM4: One Step At A Time pt. 3

#AWM3: One Step At a Time pt. 2

Last week, in retrospect, was hilarious. I lost my sketchbook. 2 years' worth of designs. I am still trying to reconcile my brain with the implications. Tuesday morning, I accepted a ride to work. I got hit on. I respectfully refused the Professor’s offer. I got thrown out of his car. I ended up walking … Continue reading #AWM3: One Step At a Time pt. 2