Life Update/Sharing My Endo Story

Hiii! It has been such long time. I know, I know. I honestly just needed a break from social media. Life was getting very overwhelming and I have got this habit of completely shutting down when I can not take it anymore. In order to prevent that, I figured it was best to take a … Continue reading Life Update/Sharing My Endo Story

#AWM4: One Step At A Time pt. 3

Hiii! ¬† How have you all been? This is the final part of "One Step at a Time" in my #AWM series. I will be sharing the a couple more hacks that will help increase your productivity as a young adult. Let's jump right in: Stop being late: Generally, for all your commitments, big or … Continue reading #AWM4: One Step At A Time pt. 3

#AWM 2: One step at a time pt. 1

Hiii! Welcome to the second post in the #AdultWithMe Series. Honestly, today was not a great way to start of the week for me but hey, we keep pushing, right? Today, I am talking about this same life situation and how it can get overwhelming really fast.My constant attempts at figuring life out has led … Continue reading #AWM 2: One step at a time pt. 1

A Late Valentine Post.

Hey guys! Welcome to my third attempt at owning a blog! Let us hope for my sake this one is here to stay and I do no up and delete it. That's me by the way, dreaming of candy coloured fros and skyline fine dining with Beau. You can find that illustration at my¬†Instagram Art … Continue reading A Late Valentine Post.